FDR History

"...it is not too late to seek a newer world and I invite you to find it here."

The dedication of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park took place on October 17, 2012. On that day, three years ago, hundreds of people gathered at the Park to honor President Franklin D. Roosevelt and to celebrate his four freedoms. Printed here is the speech given by Founder and Chair Emeritus of Four Freedoms Park, Ambassador William vanden Heuvel.

A History of New York State Infrastructure and Buildings Named for Franklin D. Roosevelt

As a champion of New York, there are countless incredible buildings, infrastructural elements, hospitals and schools named for Franklin D. Roosevelt scattered across the Empire State. Here is a compilation of New York state infrastructure and buildings named for the 32nd President. 

WPA Artwork Comes to the Park

WPA Artwork Comes to the Park

Under the direction of Founding Director Ennis Carter, Social Impact Studios (then called Design for Social Impact) created a comprehensive grassroots archive of WPA posters. The archive remains the largest and most comprehensive source of WPA posters, numbering more than 1,800. In preparation for our Poster for the People Workshop and Talk on May 16, we asked Ennis to answer a few questions about Social Impact Studios, WPA artwork, and the legacy of the WPA.