The Top 10 Most Interesting Questions from Visitors About the Park

Over the years, we have welcomed over one million visitors, and we’ve gotten loads of frequently asked questions about the history of the Park, transportation off and around Roosevelt Island, where to get food, etc. But sometimes even our most experienced rangers aren’t prepared for some of the quirkier curiosities of our guests. Below are the most interesting questions we’ve gotten to date. If you come for a visit, we’ll let you in on the answers!

1.     When will the Park be finished?

2.     Can I go inside the Smallpox Hospital?

3.     Can we sled?

4.     Is the Smallpox hospital haunted?

5.     Can we fish here?

6.     Is the Delacorte Fountain here?

7.     I’ve heard there are thousands of cats down here, where are they?

8.     Is FDR buried in the Room? 

9.     What does that clock in Queens mean?

10.  What borough are we in?