Newsletter: Volume 3, Issue 2

At Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, we continue to honor the legacy of President Roosevelt and his vision for a world based on four essential human freedoms. This year, we dedicate ourselves to celebrating the first pillar of President Roosevelt’s four freedoms: freedom of speech and expression. This essential human right forms the foundation of our democracy. As our event season begins, we look forward to fostering civic engagement through a slate of programs emphasizing the importance of free speech.

Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1

Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1

Seventy-six years ago today on the precipice of the United States' entry to the Second World War, Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his eighth State of the Union address. In that speech, he shared his vision for a better world, a vision founded by interconnected human rights: the freedoms of religion and speech and from want and fear.

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 6

I am honored to introduce myself as the new CEO of Four Freedoms Park. I come to the Conservancy from Grameen America, a national nonprofit that provides support and small loans to women, where I served as Senior Vice President. While there, I traveled the country and spoke with women about building their own businesses in order to send their children to better schools, save for unexpected emergencies, or buy quality health insurance. Again and again, these women told me they wanted something simple, something embodied in Roosevelt’s 1941 speech: “freedom from want...."

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 5

One of the things we often talk about here at the Conservancy is community. How to create it, how to foster it, and what "community" really means to the people who visit the Park. These aren't easy ideas to tackle and a solution isn't static. To us, community means more than a shared geography, or a shared group of traits, or a shared love of, say, presidential history. It means the ability to come together and have a shared experience — an understanding that we aren't all that different from one another, that in fact, we're pretty similar....

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 3

Not long ago, Michael Kimmelman published an article in the NY Review of Books about the importance of public space, noting that throughout history, public spaces have helped people feel connected to one another. They invite discussion of big and small ideas, they have been a stage for political revolution, and ultimately, they remind us of our shared humanity. Perhaps, most importantly, public spaces create community, "reaffirm[ing] our commonality, our shared sense of place, and our desire to be included." 

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 2

This year, spring is arriving earlier than we expected. The blossoms of our Little Leaf Linden trees have begun to unfurl, flocks of birds have gathered in the East River en route (or already) home, and our ever dedicated runners-cum-visitors have come out in droves. Spring signifies the start of the Park's busy season, and we have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on a year's worth of programs and events...

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 1

Today is an important day at Four Freedoms Park as it marks the 75th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt's pivotal Four Freedoms speech, for which this memorial is named. On that day, January 6, 1941, Roosevelt stood before Congress and the American people and presented a vision for the world in which the four freedoms - freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear -  were experienced by everyone, everywhere in the world. This was not a "vision for a distant millennium," Roosevelt declared, but "a definite basis for a kind of world attainable in our own time and generation...." 

Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 8

Every month in our newsletter we tell a story about the Park. We are lucky, in a sense, because there are no shortages of stories to choose from, like the calls we receive to help plan surprise engagements, our participation in NYC's million tree campaign, or a visit from 55 Bronx students who created their own UN-inspired superheroes last week. Many of you may have explored the Park on google maps, discovered the legacy of FDR at, or learned what it takes to get the Park ready for spring...