Goodbye From The 2019 Interns

After having a wonderful summer, we, Jordin Jackson and Madina Reece, the Conservancy’s 2019 interns from Studio in a School’s Bloomberg Arts and Culture Internship Program, unfortunately have to say goodbye:

IMG_1250 (1).jpg

JJ: This summer has gone by so fast and it’s all thanks to the amazing memories I created with all the talented people I’ve met. Even though we mainly worked with Ryan and Cory on a day-to-day basis, meeting all of the Conservancy staff was something I will cherish forever. I’m going to miss our conversations, both the super important ones about our future and the casual ones where we just shared a few stories and laughed. When I think back to the first day of the internship I feel like it just happened. I can remember everything from us talking about what English words are actually French to which flavor of ice cream we all decided to get. You all gave me a summer I will never forget.

 Steering away from all the general thank you’s, I’d like to specifically thank Ryan Lockwood. You’ve been by my side since the beginning of this journey and walked with me every step of the way. I want to thank you for generally just being a great supervisor. You never disrespected us in any type of way and never failed to understand us. You have set the bar pretty high for all my future employers. Thanks to you I know exactly what kind of person I’d enjoy working for in the future.

 Another major person for me this summer was Cory Antiel. I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me. Not only have you helped me discover my talent for photography but you also pushed me to educate myself on the world that’s being handed down to my generation. You’re truly a fantastic mentor, teacher, and friend. I am more than grateful for everything you’ve taught me and it will stay in my mind and heart forever.      

Lastly, I want to thank every single person I’ve come in contact with through the internship, including people like Judy or Jen that I met on Roosevelt Island. Thank all of you for helping me enjoy myself and explore new things. If I have taken anything away from this summer it’d be to just live my life. I recognize that I have so much potential. The people at the park constantly motivated me to try new things, do research, and aim for better. Once again, I will cherish this summer for the rest of my life.      


MR: I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to have interned at Four Freedoms Park Conservancy this summer. I have gotten to know and meet amazing people like Ryan Lockwood, Madeline Grimes, and many more. They have all treated Jordin and I with respect and didn’t look down upon us because of our age or position. I have gotten to know everyone on a personal level that having to say goodbye to everyone really makes me sad. I will really miss our little get togethers, just laughing and talking about life. Our talks about issues in the world that many of my friends find boring, really made me happy knowing that there are people that would like to hear my opinion on different matters. I will also miss all of the wonderful people that allowed us to interview them like Judith Berdy, Jennifer Minehardt, and many more. It may have only been brief interviews, but I have gotten to learn a lot about them. Last but not least, I will miss the 14 minutes walk to the park from the F train, being surrounded by nature and animals, and having that feeling of calmness and peace of mind that you can’t really feel while in Brooklyn.

Not only did I meet wonderful people, but I have also learned a great deal of things that I can use in my daily life. One of these things is that it's okay to be afraid while talking to a group of people; you just have to be comfortable with yourself and everything is going to be okay. And if I’m going to talk about learning, I have to talk about Cory Antiel. Cory taught Jordin and I basic camera techniques like shutter speed, aperture and a lot more, which led us to have breathtaking and strong photos for our final presentation.

I don’t want this to be a goodbye letter, I want it to show everyone how much they all mean to me. So this isn’t a goodbye, it’s an I will see you later. Thank you all for having us this summer.