Thank You From The 2018 Four Freedoms Interns!

Thank you!!!!!!

We had too much to say for an instagram post, so we've written this blog to more fully express our gratitude for the wonderful experience we had this summer being a part of the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy team.

From left to right: Sarveshwar, Kenna, Anthony, and our supervisor, Ryan Lockwood.

From left to right: Sarveshwar, Kenna, Anthony, and our supervisor, Ryan Lockwood.

Anthony:  My first steps into the Four Freedoms Conservancy family were welcoming ones. We were greeted with much joy and open arms, allowing us to become comfortable and confident in the work we did. The time spent with Ryan, Madeline and the rest of the Four Freedoms Conservancy staff will be an unforgettable one. Many memories were made, laughs were shared and most importantly, new friendships were developed. Given the opportunity to connect with the public though social media taught me a lot about what it means to be an educator and how important it is to be flourished with knowledge at all times. The fundamentals of the Four Freedoms have also shifted my perspective on the world of today.
Ultimately, I would like to give huge thanks to Ryan, Madeline and everyone from the Four Freedoms Conservancy who made my summer 18' an amazing and productive one. 

Sarveshwar: It has been a fast six weeks working at the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy! Meeting new people from all kinds of backgrounds and getting close to them has been an incredible experience; one I will never forget. My supervisors Ryan and Madeline have made this internship such a wonderful journey and am forever grateful to you both! Meeting my co workers and fellow interns and getting to know them is also something I will cherish. This internship has allowed me to improve my public speaking skills and interacting with the public. Thank you to Ryan and Madeline, my coworkers Anthony and Kenna for this wonderful summer! 

Kenna: I can’t believe our time has come to an end! Interning at Four Freedoms has been an unforgettable experience that has pushed me to be the best version of myself. I am not the same person I was six weeks ago, and it’s safe to say that being exposed to this particular opportunity is why. I will and forever will be grateful for the people I’ve crossed paths with this summer. Thank you for allowing me to grow in an area of field that I, one day, aspire to call mine. Thank you for making each and everyday I spent here at the conservancy loaded with lighthearted memories and thank you for making this the best summer by far. Summer 2018, gone but not forgotten.  

Thank you all for listening to our comments and viewing our content. Stay tuned for the upcoming video. Interns out.