Scenes from Kite Flight for Peace

On September 24th and 25th, Four Freedoms Park hosted its second annual Kite Flight for Peace event, an invitation for visitors of all ages to build and fly kites on the lawn. Blessed with two days of just about perfect kite-flying weather, hundreds of people descended on the Park to decorate kites with symbols of peace. We saw sketches of peace doves, flags from around the world, and even quotes about human rights.

On Saturday, we were joined by two special guests: kite-flier Archie Stewart brought his professional kites to the Park to demonstrate a kite ballet in air, and the excellent team at Roosevelt Island's New York Public Library branch brought books about kites and peace, and set up a small reading room at the Park. It was the perfect farewell to summer and we are so thankful for all who joined us! 

Check out scenes from Kite Flight for Peace below! 

Photos by Alex Knudsen