Explore the Park on Google Maps Street View!

Today we celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of the Park with some exciting news: Four Freedoms Park can now be explored from the comfort of your home on Google Maps Street View!

This exciting news is the culmination of an 8-month process to create a virtual tour of the memorial. The Park applied to be part of Street View in February, and in August, a Google Trekker Operator visited the Park to capture thousands of panoramic images.

Shooting on foot and from the stern of Captain Tony DiLernia's Rocket Charter boat, the Trekker wore a large 50 lbs backpack fitted with a special camera rig consisting of 15 cameras. Incredibly, the cameras are able to capture a frame every two seconds! During his two-day visit to the Park, the Trekker was tasked with photographing the Park as a visitor might experience it, so that every detail, from cobblestone to tree to engraving can be viewed from all angles.

Using special software, Google Maps then stitched these images together, obscuring the faces of any people present. The result is a remarkable seamless photo-log that gives digital visitors an insider look at the memorial.

Four Freedoms Park now joins sites like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the Highline on Street View. "New York is known for amazing destinations and points of interest," said Deanna Yick, Google Maps Street View Program Manager. "Starting today, people all over the world are able to explore the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park in Google Maps, and we hope this virtual tour inspires them to visit in person." We hope you enjoy this new way to experience the Park and that you visit often, both virtually and in-person!