What We're Reading: Our Weekly Reading List, August 21, 2015

A weekly round-up of articles and essays selected by the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy staff. Happy Friday, all!

Pico Iyer's Empty Cities and Tiny NYC. Incredible US sites on Google StreetView

"...the freeway is an outlier, a hulking support system for an aging, if not outdated, set of beliefs." Preparing for getting pulled over is a slow poison.

The restoration of Gray’s Villa E-102 and Paul Goldberger on the proposed demolition of the Chautauqua Amphitheater. A revolution in British housing

Reimagining and reclaiming spaces under elevated structures and meditating on the Mall (that is the National Mall in DC). Cloud Gate-gate in Chicago and a sorority builds green in Portland. Dan Flavins' 'Icons' comes to Bridgehampton.