What We're Reading: Our Weekly Reading List, July 23, 2015

A weekly round-up of articles and essays selected by the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy staff. Happy Friday, all!

Where are the jobs? This map shows you. Churchill’s wartime tunnels under white cliffs of Dover open to the public. Tom Brokaw joins the advisory panel for the Eisenhower Memorial. Secret agents that definitely didn't exist in the time of FDR.  FDR was the first sitting President to travel by plane.

A new Dr. Seuss book! Pharrell got an architect, a photographer, and two artists to design adidas' new sneakers

Hermeneutics and Louis Kahn,and how to design a denser city without sacrificing sunlight. A new network of parks in the South Bronx aims to create a healthier environment, and how walking in nature changes the brain