What We're Reading: Our Weekly Reading List, June 19, 2015

A weekly round-up of articles and essays selected by the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy staff. Happy Friday, all! 

An art district grows in Savannah and a portable cart designed by the Uni Project holds the memories (and smells) of Soho. After the riots, Baltimore's rebirth may be in the hands of its arts community. Teaching students about history through the artwork of Dr. Seuss.

Cornell Tech's new building 'The Bridge'  will act as a bridge (ha ha!) between academia and commercialization.  Eisenhower memorial plans face a 'reset'. Le Corbusier's lost tapestry finds its home at the Sydney Opera House. “There is no landscape without the figure,” - sculptor, Barbara Hepworth.

"How do we create new places that people identify with, not rebuild what was there before?" Rebuilding Christchurch, New Zealand. And from Chile's 2008 earthquake comes "a fresh way of thinking about how cities can contend with the ravages of climate: through acceptance."

The Ford Foundation and the fight against inequality. Today is, June 19, 2015 is Juneteenth, the 150th anniversary of the emancipation of slaves. Powerful posters for the Americans with Disabilities Act, which celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.