What We're Reading: Our Weekly Reading List, April 3, 2015

A weekly round-up of articles and essays selected by the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy staff. 

"The spatulate hand of FDR, Ranald wrote, belonged to a person of 'advanced and liberal views.'" A history of palm reading

One of the largest private collections of 19th-century American photography devoted to Lincoln and the Civil War is now at Yale's Beinecke Library. On the systematic destruction of artifacts by ISIS, and forging medieval restorations in war torn Germany. The history of Latin American Architecture since 1945 is at the MOMA and on Maria Altmann's quest to bring home Klimt's 'Woman in Gold,' after Nazi plunder. 

An interview with a 93-year old park ranger. Can you create a neighborhood? Questioning freedom of religion in Indiana, and New York's urban jungle: how a Coyote ended up on the rooftop of an NYC bar. 

Let's talk about conservation. Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation? "The story of water in the American West hasn’t changed: It’s still a tale of ambition and optimism, both in dangerous amounts"National Geographic's very informative, and very beautiful piece on understanding the drought in western America. Mandatory water use reductions for the first time in Californian history, and infographics explain where California's water is going. FDR's conservation efforts in the 1930s and 40s, and a modern day Dorothea Lange: Matt Black's photographs of California's dust bowl. "‘Maybe the water is too expensive to wash them’": how Indian women recast and recycle the clothes the West throws away.

Happy Friday, all! 

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