Happy Anniversary, Eleanor & Franklin!

Eleanor and FDR on their wedding day. Courtesy, FDR Library.

Eleanor and FDR on their wedding day. Courtesy, FDR Library.

On March 17, 1905, 110 years ago, Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt were married in New York City after a two-year courtship. The couple - distant cousins - remained married until FDR's death in April 1945. 

By the time Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt began their White House years, they had proven their commitment to each other and to the promise of democracy. They had endured the loss of a child, the sting of adultery, and talk of divorce. They had confronted polio and refused to let it confine their lives or limit their dreams. They had learned to manage an aching loneliness and inject a new candor and boldness into their marriage.

They also had seen a world scarred by war, an America polarized by suspicion and divided by religion and custom, and a failing economy that threatened to destroy the American dream.

How they responded to these private and public challenges—and what they learned from them—not only inspired FDR and ER to pursue an unorthodox marital partnership, but also deepened their understanding of human experience, sowing the seeds of the New Deal and the Four Freedoms.
— fdr4freedoms.org

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