What We're Reading: Our Weekly Reading List, March 13, 2015

A weekly round-up of articles and essays selected by the Four Freedoms Park Conservancy staff. Happy Friday, all!  

How FDR's radio voice solved a banking crisis, and now 82 years later, the second coming of podcasts (in 4 charts).

Lunatics, Inmates, and Homeowners: The History of Roosevelt Island. On not having freedom from want, the terrible loneliness of growing up poor in Robert Putnam’s America, and how luck works

How Louis Kahn's drawings changed his architecture and the Isamu Noguchi Exhibition at Pace Gallery. The world lost two incredible architects this week: Frei Otto, dies at 89, and Michael Graves, postmodernist architect who designed towers and teakettles, dies at 80.

"The BBC will cancel all comedy shows," - how Britain is preparing for the death of Queen Elizabeth; and on tourists behaving badly.

On the lives of extraordinary women: Janet Vaughan, who changed our relationship with blood, Jane Goodall is still wild at heart, and Frances Perkins, Marian Anderson, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

 The campaign to get women on a $20 bill reflections on a banned documentary about the gang rape in the author's hometown Delhi, and the endlessly evolving Cinderella