The First Snow

On Wednesday November 7, the Park saw its first snow! It dusted the granite, the lawn and the cobblestones – we feel very fortunate that the Memorial withstood Hurricane Sandy with very little damage. This dusting of snow brought some new life to the Park, and hopefully to the City.

Architect Louis I. Kahn speaks very beautifully about nature and its interaction with architecture.

Design is a circumstantial act. It is a battle with our human nature, with the nature of nature, with the laws of nature, with the rules of man, and with principles. One must see all this to put it into being. Design is a material thing. It makes dimensions. It makes sizes. Form is a realization of the difference between one thing and another, a realization of what characterizes it. Form is not a design; it is not a shape, not a dimension. It is a material thing.
— Louis I. Kahn