Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society at the Park

We hosted an enthusiastic group at the Park from Sundance Outdoor Adventure Society(a NY-NJ-CT region, volunteer, non-profit LGBT club) last weekend! Carter Inskeep, the Outreach Director from SOAS shared his experience with us.

Our guided tour to Four Freedoms Park was a huge success. We normally cap the attendees at 20 but we extended to 25 because of the demand.

What an amazing escape it was!

Our guide Suzy treated us as if we were personal friends and shared her vast knowledge freely and with a smile. She truly deserved the spontaneous ovation she got from us as she said her goodbyes.

Being an admirer of architecture, looking at a pristine, new minted example of 70's modern design was mind boggling. It will age and stain and weather as all things do, but we will all have the memory of it pristine and sparkling under the sun.

The most lasting aspect of our little adventure for me, is what an astounding environmental change is accomplished once you hop on the tram at 2nd and 59th and in 10 minutes there you are in a different environment. Then with a 10 minute walk from the tram station to Four Freedoms Park you are again transported to a new environment. Once you mount the steps to the esplanade and look around you, your perspective has been altered. Suddenly you are outside the Manhattan surrounded by the East River and the beauty of the city skyline. Walking down the esplanade looking at the bust of FDR in the distance, beyond that the UN, actually gave me goosebumps.

You've created a magical place that I will visit again and again. Reluctantly, I will share my knowledge, because it's only fair that others learn about your park. 

Congratulations! I hope it will always remain a sliver of serenity in our big crazy city.

All the best to you and the staff!