LiveScience: Greening the Big Apple in a Changing Climate

"Whatever you may think about climate change, the design of the FDR Four Freedoms Park reflects a changed world — one everyone will have to navigate in the coming years," writes Ned Potter, a senior vice president at the international communications firm RLM Finsbury and former science correspondent for ABC News and CBS News.

He speaks with Executive Director, Gina Pollara about how climate change affected FDR Four Freedoms Park's construction plans: '"Our structural engineer designed the park for a 24-foot (7-meter) wave from the East River,' Pollara said. 'We teased him about it at the time. Well, we got a 12-foot wave during Hurricane Sandy.' Congress allocated $50.5 billion for recovery efforts in the disaster zone, but the park — right in the middle of it all — came through fine."

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