Become a summer sponsor

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park asks you to join in our vital endeavor to fulfill the promise of “E Pluribus Unum” by making a contribution to support our mission today. Essential human rights are being threatened daily in our cities and around the world. The Park can and must stand as a safe haven for human freedoms. Throughout the year, we celebrate these fundamental rights in many ways – tours for hundreds of young people to share these guiding principles, programs that engage the public in powerful conversations about freedom today, and an inspired space for quiet contemplation. 

Your support helps to:

  • Maintain and operate the Park to the highest standard,
  • Provide educational opportunities to more students city-wide, and
  • Create public programs, like our annual Kite Flight for Peace event, that inspire and remind visitors of human rights today. 

Your commitment truly makes a difference. Join us today by making a contribution to the Conservancy.

Photo by Daniela Velasco.