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Kite Flight for Peace

In recognition of the United Nations General Assembly and International Peace Day, visitors are invited to design and fly kites selecting stripes, colors, and symbols that represent personal ideas about peace and freedom. Visitors of all ages will discover the fun of constructing and flying their very own kite, guaranteed to soar in the lightest of winds. Kite-making workshops are free and suitable for all ages.  

On Saturday, join us for a special kite-flying demonstration featuring kites of all shapes and sizes by American kiteflier and educator Archie Stewart. Archie will fly a variety of different sport kites with multiple control lines and will be available to assist and educate visitors on how to safely fly kites. Rate date for kite-flying demonstration is Sunday, September 25. 

Free drop-in kite-making workshops; no registration required.


 Kite Education workshops are presented by Archie Stewart of Chestnut Hill, MA. Archie specializes in presenting educational kite workshops in grades K-12. He also visits community groups, day and summer camps, public and private organizations, corporate retreats and team building seminars. He performs indoor and outdoor kite-flying demonstrations, showing his ability to fly kite ballets indoors to music. Archie works toward developing and fostering the growth of kiting.

Archie is a member of: American Kitefliers Association (AKA)http://www.aka/ Past Board Member and Chairman of Festivals and Competitions for Kites Over New England (KONE) the regional kite club of New EnglandHe is also a member ofConnectiKiters Kite Club, headquartered in Norwalk, CT and a member and competitor of the Eastern League Flyers Association.