Four Freedoms Park Conservancy Announces Leadership Transition and Strategic Direction Through 2020

FDR Four Freedoms Park unveils a new strategic direction to solidify by 2020 its place as a leading presidential memorial park. As part of the new plan, Howard Axel has been elevated to president and CEO and Sally Minard, the founding president and CEO, will become Vice Chair of the Conservancy's Board of Directors. 

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 5

One of the things we often talk about here at the Conservancy is community. How to create it, how to foster it, and what "community" really means to the people who visit the Park. These aren't easy ideas to tackle and a solution isn't static. To us, community means more than a shared geography, or a shared group of traits, or a shared love of, say, presidential history. It means the ability to come together and have a shared experience — an understanding that we aren't all that different from one another, that in fact, we're pretty similar....